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The Sainio Cast

Oct 27, 2012

So today I wanted to talk about a game very near and dear to my creative heart, 1000 Blank Cards.

It is a game where the cards and rules are made up as the game evolves. The game takes little to no artistic skill and only a passing knowledge of how party games work. It can be transformed into pretty much any kind of game and I play with a few different groups and I think everyone should try it once.

Wikipedia would tell you;

"A typical group's conventions for deck creation follow:

Though cards are created at all times throughout the game (except the epilogue), it is necessary to start with at least some cards pre-made. Depending on the desired duration of the game a deck of 80 to 150 cards is usual, and of these approximately half will be created before the start of play. If a group doesn't already possess a partial deck they may choose to start with fewer cards and to create most of the deck during play.

Whether or not the group possesses a deck already (from previous games), they will usually want to add a few more cards, so the first phase of the game involves each player creating six or seven new cards to add to the deck. See structure of a card below.

When the deck is ready, all of the cards (including blanks) are shuffled together and each player is dealt five cards. The remainder of the deck is placed in the centre of the table."

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Show Notes:

1000 Blank Cards