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The Sainio Cast

Sep 17, 2014

Today I come to you with a more lengthy episode about how I feel that shows like Dr. Who or Adventure Time are as examples of shows that I feel are important for children and families in a bigger sense, everywhere. Television that goes beyond simply being a children's show, that inspires them to be as creative as kids really are, that teach them lessons without teaching down to them. And the grown ups love it too.

Somewhere in here is a review of Dr. Who episodes "Into the Dalek" and "Robot of Sherwood," but it's really not just about those messages today, but the bigger idea of holding children's media to a higher standard and frankly, sometimes letting all the small details go as an adult and just enjoy something as an inner-child.


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Intro Music - "We Came Down" fea. Thotem by Superpoze

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