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The Sainio Cast

Oct 2, 2022

This week, I was joined by (another) Ryan, host of Talkin' Snikt: The Wolverine Show to talk about the House of X/Power of X trade from 2019, documenting the new status quo of mutants in the Marvel Universe.

There is dicussions of the X-Men history, how this could impact the MCU, and what is really up with Kang - a...

Sep 4, 2021


This week, talk bout a series of short films I fully intended to make, but fell short on: "Ryan Sainio's Hamlet"

Touching on how the short films that were published in the late 2000's differ from the version I would make today. Nothing fully fleshed out, but something to think about.

Maybe, I make an audio play. Who...

Jun 27, 2021

Ryan returns to talk through the process, decisions, and stories that lead to the previous episode, which looked to maintain a memory of his departed sister.

Hopefully, an honest testament of the thoughts and feelings had by our heroic host.


~ Ryan Sainio

Intro Music - "We Came Down" fea. Thotem by...

May 7, 2021

This is an episode about loss.

Traumatic events can make remembering very hard, it ruins your sense of continuity and can sometimes leave you in a state where you lack the imagination to see a version of life without the trauma. This episode is an attempt to remember, to preserve, and a hope that one day, the trauma...

Feb 17, 2021


This week, we have a double-feature as we dive into "Menace of Mysterio" and "The Sting of the Scorpion". There are a few laughs and some campy fun. Enjoy.

~ Ryan Sainio

Intro Music - "We Came Down" fea. Thotem by Superpoze

Excerpt from Uncanny X-Cast...