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The Sainio Cast

Jan 16, 2015

Ryan is joined by two guests to continue his Magic Design History series and talk about the entire Zendikar block.

The ups and downs of Standard in that time, the Limited stories and the dsebate about the validity of Rise of the Eldrazi without Ally creatures.


~ @RyanSainio - iTunes

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Jan 3, 2015

Ryan works around the clock to tally up the best sinlge episodes of podcasts in 2014. From Magic to Comics and everywhere between.

This year brought on a much more uplifting view in my life and I think my selections reflect that. I hope everyone can enjoy this MEGA SIZED epsiode and have a few thoughts and...

Jan 3, 2015

So about a month ago I did an episode about a poem I wrote in high school, and it got me thinking about the music I listened to in high school was, and that pushed me to want to listen to all that music again.

There were a few more steps in there, but the most important part was that I wanted to talk about my favorite...