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The Sainio Cast

Dec 30, 2013

This afternoon Ryan talks to some length about the Commander games he played at a shop recently.

What makes for a good time? When is combo unfun? And how should a judge act when he's just a player?

These stories and then some!


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Intro Music - "We Came Down"...

Dec 26, 2013

Today's podcast stars Ryan, but has the lowest ratio of Ryan to others. Today I pull out my Top 5 Favorite podcast episodes of 2013.

Much thanks to Mark Rosewater at Wizards of the Coast, Erin Campbell from The Deck Tease, KYT and the rest of The Eh Team and Peter Rios for letting an almost stranger from the internet...

Dec 24, 2013

Starting out with a little festive musings from Ryan and moving into the serious topic ahead, Ryan looks back at the year of 2013 very brighter eyes than 2012. An episode truely about the people that came into his life and how (pretty much) it was for the best.

I never thought this year would lead me to the places it...

Dec 21, 2013

Ryan vents.


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Dec 20, 2013

This afternoon Ryan talks about his friends in the briefest way possible when you have about 15 different people to take a beat with.

Even after recording it, editing and publishing it, I feel I left too much out after the fact. I will probably be moved to do another installment in the future.


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