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The Sainio Cast

Dec 26, 2013

Today's podcast stars Ryan, but has the lowest ratio of Ryan to others. Today I pull out my Top 5 Favorite podcast episodes of 2013.

Much thanks to Mark Rosewater at Wizards of the Coast, Erin Campbell from The Deck Tease, KYT and the rest of The Eh Team and Peter Rios for letting an almost stranger from the internet use their clips.


Now join me as I outline a few lessons I have learned this year and hopefully learn one or two yourself.


All mail to or @RyanSainio - iTunes

Intro Music - "We Came Down" fea. Thotem by Superpoze

Show Notes:

The Daily Rios for 02.11.13 : "On Podcasting..."

The Deck Tease Episode #52 : "Two Drink Minimum"

The Eh Team Episode #139 : "Farewell"

Drive to Work #77 : "Creativity"

The Sainio Cast #108 : "Kill Shatner"

Special Mention - The Deck Tease Episode #68 : "Amuse Boosh"