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The Sainio Cast

Sep 21, 2012

Tonight I hit you with a serious issue about an article from October 2010 about one blogger's views on the future of comics. This is an interesting topic;

1) Because it's kind of a time capsule and useful to look back at how the industry has changed even two years later.

2) The topic was debated heavily back then and I still feel it's worth considering now.

At the time of publishing, Peter Rios (then producer of ComicGeekSpeak, now host of The Daily Rios) did a uStream session to debate the topic and later turned his recording into an episode of CGS. I was lucky enough to make onto the episode, as a passing fan of course, so I also view it as a relic of my own past.

I hope you enjoy.

Much thanks to Peter Rios, especially his ability to play up my loose strengths in the interview.


Ten Things to Know About the Future of Comics by Shaenon Garrity

Comics Geek Speak Episode 992

Please note: I use the word "rule" a lot to discribe each point of the article, these are not really rules, but editing them out made me sound more vocally awkward than normal.