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The Sainio Cast

Aug 31, 2012


I promise that I have no insider info on Series 7 of Dr. Who. I just want to talk about what I think might happen and see how right I was in about 8 months.

I hope you like my rant and I hope to see anyone who wants to come back next week.

@RyanSainio on...

Aug 30, 2012

After a very long day at work, why don't we sit down for a poem about the finer things in life?

Dedicated to all those people I've grown apart from.


Aug 29, 2012

Today I take a trip down memory lane as I re-read all of the Words of Wisdom I did from early 2008 to 2011 for the then barely-limping along

Hopefully you can listen and hear something that will inspire you, I know I certainly realized a few things about my 22 year old self.

Thank you.

Aug 28, 2012

Tonight is pretty simple. It's Jack Kirby's birthday (Happy 95th sir) and so I'm doing something timely and listing my top five characters Jack Kirby created.


And please let me know where I was wrong by hitting me up on Twitter @

Aug 27, 2012

Hello all, tonight I take it easy and review "Batman - Dark Victory" for you. I also hint at a possible Fear Agent review in the future, but really, how much have I promised already that I have yet to live up to?

How you enjoy.