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The Sainio Cast

Apr 25, 2014

Today I pick back up on a series of episodes I started back in December, talking about my friends and the stories that surround them. To make it easier on myself and better to listen to for you (EVERYONE WINS!!), I frame the episodes by talking about the first three Anime Conventions I went to with them.

So here for...

Apr 24, 2014

A poem of loss and regret and peace.


Ryan Sainio

Apr 21, 2014

Today, the idea of 5 Musical Moments comes back with a twist. Instead of knowing what the songs will be, Ryan tests himself by playing songs off a "Musical Moments" playlist on his iTunes.

It's a test, it's a new thing that I haven't seen done before and it's worth attempting.

Feedback is great. Enjoy!

Apr 17, 2014

With the release of Captain America : Winter Solider we now have 9 Marvel Films and I have yet to state my opinions on each movie as they stand on their own and play into the grand scheme.

- What were the high points and low points?

- Are Ryan's friends wrong in their opinions?

- Does the Iron Man trilogy stand on it's...

Apr 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to the first installment of EDH Plays, a podcast I plan to do from time to time that will be aimed specifically at the Commander crowd of Magic the Gathering.

Every episode I hope to highlight at least one "Legendary EDH Play" either from my own playing or from listener submissions. I also plan to coer...