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The Sainio Cast

Mar 21, 2014

Today I pick back up on a series of episodes I started back in December, talking about my friends and the stories that surround them. To make it easier on myself and better to listen to for you (EVERYONE WINS!!), I frame the episodes by talking about the first three Anime Conventions I went to with them.

As soon as I...

Mar 20, 2014

Today's topic comes from a discussion that happened early on in Uncanny X-Cast Episode 151, mainly about what to do if your kid is brought into "The Cool Kids Club" and if that is the enviroment you want for them. They talked about it for about 12 minutes, so naturally I talk about it to myself for at least that...

Mar 17, 2014

Just enjoy a love like love podcast today.

Show Notes:

Video - Shihan on Def Poetry Jam

Mar 14, 2014

So about this time last year people from all over the US (possibly world?) went out to the Rochester, MN for Fablestown & Beyond (aka FablesCon).

"Ryan," you say, "why is this coming up now?"

Well, I recorded a panel on World Building and never really felt the time was right to release it to the masses. Today is...

Mar 12, 2014

Ryan continues his Magic Design History by talking about the importance of Magic 2010.

Also, half of the episode is in a car wash. Go figure.


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